Post-doc and Internships

Post-doc position offer at LORIA, Nancy, France

Secure electronic voting systems

We are looking for one postdoctoral researcher to join the ProSecure project at Loria, Nancy, in the Cassis team, for 1 or 2 years.
We are looking for two kind of profiles.

Provable cryptography

One objective is to propose well-founded definitions of crucial properties in e-voting such as privacy, receipt-freeness, coercion-resistance, and verifiability and apply them on various e-voting protocols including well-known schemes such as Helios or Civitas. In particular, our team is developing a variant of Helios named Belenios. This scheme has been proved to be ballot private and fully verifiable. More security properties are yet to be proved and several enhancement of the protocol are planned. Belenios benefits from the support of an engineer that develops and maintains it.

Formal methods

Another direction is the design of techniques to automatize the security analysis of protocols (e-voting protocols, but more generally, security protocols). While the field is rather mature for reachability properties such as confidentiality and authenticity, it is not yet the case for equivalence-based properties which are crucial for specifying privacy properties (ballot privacy, anonymity, unlinkability, etc.).

The postdoc researcher should have a good publication record and should have a strong expertise in either cryptography or formal methods. The working language can be either English or French. There is generous travel support available for all group members.

A more detailed description of the offer can be found here: /~cortier/ProSecure/post-doc.pdf

Conditions :

– Duration : 1 year, that can be renewed once.
– Net salary : around 2050 euros net per month, depending on the experience of the candidate (this net amount already includes mandatory French national health coverage and state pension plan).

Applications have to be sent by email, at “”, and should include a CV, recommandation letters (or persons to contact), and a full publication list.

Contact : Véronique Cortier,