Here’s some software developed. You can find the list of the software on the website of each teams.




New rigid docking algorithm for protein pairs by systematic exploration of 3D rotation space</tr

ABCM-SVMOpen source software package dedicated to the family of multi-class support vector machines
ADAGIOSIGffRidThe prediction of sigma factor binding sites in prokariotic genomes using comparative genomic and statistics
ALICEGraphiteResearch platform for computer graphics, 3D modeling and numerical geometry.
BIRDSofoPeer-to-peer platform for real-time distributed collaborative filtering.
CARAMBAGNU MPFR/MPCComputing with arbitrary precision floating-point numbers, together with well-defined semantics
CARAMBACado-NFSComputing with arbitrary precision floating-point numbers, together with well-defined semantics
GAMBLECl-AtseConstraint Logic based Attack Searcher for cryptographic protocols and services
MOSELVeriT solverSatisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver
PESTOTamarinLanguage designed to manipulate tree structures and XML documents. Its semantics is based on equational matching, rewrite rules, and strategies.
ALGORILLESimGridScientific instrument to the evaluation of algorithmic solutions for large-scale distributed experiments through simulation
MULTISPEECHWinSnooriSpeech analysis software
MFXIceSLFlexible Workflow management system
ORPAILLEURTaaableSystem whose objectives are to retrieve and then to adapt whenever needed textual cooking recipe
MULTISPEECHWinSnooriSpeech analysis software
SEMAGRAMMELEOPARParser for natural languages which is based  on the formalism of Interaction Grammars. It uses a parsing principle, called “electrostatic parsing” which consists in neutralizing opposite polarities
SYNALP(ex TALARIS)GENISentence generator implemented in Haskell. GENI is compatible with both a grammar for french (SEMTAG) and for English (SEMXTAG), both grammars being produced using the Meta-Grammar Compiler
CORTEXGINNet/DynNetDecision making platform
KIWISofoSPlateforme pair-à-pair permettant le filtrage collaboratif distribué temps réel