[postdoc offer] Quantum Computing and Quantum Optimization

In the context of the NEASQC project, a 18 months postdoc position is available  at Loria in quantum computing.

The NEASQC project  aims at developing practical use cases  for the NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) devices that will be available  in the near future.
The Mocqua team at Loria and Inria Nancy Grand Est is involved in this  project though quantum optimization algorithms (typically QAOA) for smart
charging, involving diagrammatical methods to optimize circuits.

The subjects we intend to develop with the postdoc candidate include in particular diagrammatic languages for Ising Hamiltonians or the use of quantum optimization algorithms inside classical optimizations toolchains.

We are seeking candidates with a strong background in quantum computing, and some knowledge of either diagrammatic reasoning (for instance ZX-Calculus) or quantum optimization algorithms.

 The date of the beginning of the contract is flexible.

To apply to the position or for any information, please contact