Formal Islands : Foundations and Applications

Department 2 : Formal methods

Team leader : Horatiu Cirstea
Tél. : +33 3 54 95 84 06
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The PAREO team doesn’t exit since 1st of January 2017. All the members are now in the Mosel-Veridis team.


At the heart of our project is the will to study fundamental aspects of programming languages (logic, semantics, algorithmic, etc.) to make major contributions to the design of new programming languages. An important part of our research effort will be dedicated to the design of new fundamental concepts and tools to analyze existing programs and systems.

Research activities

  • Improve theoretical foundations
  • Integrate formal methods in programming languages
  • Security Policy Analysis


  • Tom


  • LAAS and IRIT (Toulouse).
  • the team of Paul Klint (Amsterdam) and the team of Mark van den Brand (Eindhoven).
  • We have a software developed with a common copyright (CWI – INRIA – Universities of Nancy).
  • We continue the collaboration started with Mathieu Jaume (LIP6) during the SSURF project for the definition of a generic policy analysis framework.


Programming languages, formal methods, compilation, security, static analysis, proof of programs