Service and Cooperation

Department 3 : Networks, systems and services

Team leader : François Charoy
Tél. : +33 3 54 95 84 93
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SCORE is interested in cooperative, distributed, and process-aware Web Information Systems. An Information System (IS) uses information technology to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, and display information, thereby supporting one or more work systems. The advent of the web 2.0 and its emphasis on services pushed new applications such as electronic commerce, collaborative editing, e-learning, e-engineering to become widespread. A common characteristic of these applications is that they are cooperative and human-centered but also driven by sophisticated underlying infrastructure. Such applications are also distributed in space (people work in different locations), in time (people work at different time) and they cross organizational barriers, making difficult their coordination and crucial the issues of compliancy, privacy and trust.


Research activities

  • Distributed Collaborative Systems
  • Business Process Management and Service Computing
  • Interoperability and Enterprise Modeling



  • Bonita
  • QualiPSo Factory
  • XWiki Concerto
  • Wooki
  • DSMW
  • WikiTaaable


  • University of Tartu in Estonia
  • the CASSIS project-team
  • UTFSM (Valparaiso, Chile)
  • SAP Research in France, Germany and Australia.
  • Stavroula Papadopoulou and Moira Norrie from ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • XWiki SAS throughout three research projects.
  • Nacer Boudjlida  Algerian universities (mainly Béjaïa and Constantine universities).
  • Olivera Marjanovic, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney
  • University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and University La Plata (Argentina)



CSCW, Service Computing, BPM, Distributed System, Collaborative Editing, Interoperability