The Loria’s management and governing bodies

You can find here the laboratory governing bodies, some figures and the departments.

The management team

  • Yannick Toussain, Director
  • Sylvain Lazard, Deputy director
  • Céline Ranger, General secretary
  • Anne Chrétien, Executive assistant

The scientific council

The scientific council of the Loria is made up of the laboratory director, the deputy director and the scientists who direct the five departments. Its role is to assist the director in taking and implementing decisions. This council meets every two weeks.

The laboratory concil

This council is made up of members elected for 4 years and appointed members. It is the only consultative body at the laboratory in which all UMR staff are represented. Its role is to provide opinions and advise the director on all matters concerning the laboratory – scientific policy, laboratory organization, budget, staff recruitment, training, internal regulations, working time arrangements, working conditions, staff consultation, etc. It meets at least once every two months.

The “AREQ”

This is the Assembly of Team Managers and it meets every two months.

Organization chart

Please find the organization chart of Loria