Experimental Platforms

LORIA is also sensitive technology development and hosts various experimental platforms. These platforms provide high quality experimental environments fostering high quality research for many research teams. Among them, the Creativ’Lab, Grid 5000, the High Security Lab and the Smartroom.


The Creativ’Lab CPS (Cyber-Physical System) and Robotics is the new platform at Loria. This unique place of innovation aims to bring together multiple activities such as drones, additive manufacturing, acquisition of multimodal data around the human and robotics.

Grid 5000



Grid 5000 is an experimental computer infrastructure made out of large scale computation grids, aiming to promote research in the field of grid computing, service infrastructures, peer-to-peer systems, networks and the next generation Internet. LORIA hosts one of the largest sites (236 nodes) of the Grid’5000 infrastructure, a nation-wide scientific instrument designed to support experiment-driven research in all areas of computer science related to parallel, large-scale or distributed computing and networking. LORIA also makes significant contributions to the design and development of the infrastructure, e.g by maintaining key software such as Kadeploy, the tool used by Grid’5000 users to reconfigure the nodes for their experiments.

Grid’5000 is used by the teams ALGORILLE, CARAMEL, ORPAILLEUR and VERIDIS. It played a key role in the factorization of RSA’768 by the CARAMEL team.




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Inaugurated in July 2010, the High Security Lab aims to foster ground breaking research  in the domains of secure networks, Internet communications, and telecommunication equipment.

This première academic research lab in Europe is intended to focus on three main expertise fields: virology, network analysis and protection and vulnerability detection in communicating systems.





Smartroom or « appartement intelligent » is entirely equipped with state-of-the-art and forerunner technologies like for example intelligent slabs, to improve the autonomy of elderly and disabled people.


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