Applying Discrete Algorithms to Genomics and Imagery

Department 1 : Algorithms, computation, image & geometry

Team leader : Isabelle Debled-Rennesson
Tél. :  +33 3 83 59 30 37
Mail : isabelle.debled-rennesson(@)


Presentation :

The general research area of our team is discrete algorithms. Constructing a discrete model of a real- world phenomenon means, in mathematical terms, representing it through a discrete structure, such as graphs, words, trees, sets of points in a space, etc.
In order to develop efficient algorithms on discrete structures and to analyze and optimize those algo- rithms, we have to understand thoroughly the properties of the underlying structures. These properties can be geometrical, arithmetical or combinatorial depending on the situation.The study of these properties is the main objective of our team.

Research activities

  • Study of Discrete Primitives
  • Extraction of geometrical Parameters on  Discrete Curves and surfaces
  • Analysis and modelling of discrete curves and surfaces
  • Word Combinatorics


  • DGtal
  • SIGffRid


  • LAMA, Chambery
  • GIPSA, Grenoble
  • LAMA
  • ISIT, Clermont Ferrand and LIRIS of Lyon
  • Telecom Bretagne & LABRI, Bordeaux
  • IPGQ, Bordeaux
  • LIPADE, Paris
  • LITA, Metz
  • LATP, Marseille.
  • LIRMM, Montpellier
  • UQAM,Montreal & LAMFA and LIRMM


Discrete Geometry, Discrete Algorithms, Discrete Structures, Word Combinatorics, Image
Analysis, Sequence Algorithms.