Head of the team :

Vincent Chevrier
Mail : vincent.chevrier(at)
Tel : 03 83 59 20 75

Website of the team

The goal of the team is the design and validation of “smart” Cyber-Physical systems. The members of SIMBIOT concentrate their work on the adaptability properties of cyber-physical systems, in terms of calculations and communications, in order to increase their autonomy capacity.

The research program is divided into 3 axes :

– Abstractions and architectures for multi-modeling, modular design, design and validation of cyber-physical systems;

– efficient distributed computing algorithms in cyber-physical systems;

– Communications architectures, protocols and Quality of Service (QoS) enhancement to support real-time interactions in cyber-physical systems. For each scientific challenge, the validation is carried out, among other things, by co-simulation and in-situ experimentation, this constituting a challenge orthogonal to the previous ones.