Computer Security

Computer security is of prominent concern in our society, and its importance is still growing with the constant expansion of electronic usages in everyday life. During the past decade, new research activities have emerged in Lorraine. A platform of experimentation dedicated to research in security has been created in 2010 : the High Security Lab ( The Lorraine region has now reached a critical mass in the domain of computer security, both in terms of expert researchers, dedicated experimental platforms, and adequate academic training. The main challenges will be addressed along the following research topics: virology, management of the Internet, analysis of security protocols, software safety, and cryptography. The main teams of the Loria involved in computer security are the teams Caramba, Carbone, Coast, Madynes and Pesto, but also Pareo, Types and Mosel/Veridis.

The seminar for computer security is the SSL seminar (Security Seminar at Loria, joint between the Loria and the Master of Computer Science of the Lorraine university.