Geometry and light

Department 1 : Algorithms, computation, image and geometry

Team leader : Bruno Levy
Tel. : +33 3 83 59 30 70
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ALICE aims at studying some fundamental aspects of Computer Graph- ics. More specifically, we study the interaction of light with the geometry of the objects. The lighting problem consists in designing accurate and efficient numerical simulation methods for the light trans- port equation. The geometrical problem consists in developing new solutions to transform and optimize geometric representations. Our original approach to both issues is to restate the problems in terms of numerical optimization. We try to develop solutions that are provably correct, scalable and numerically stable.

Research activities

  • Geometry Processing
  • Computer Graphics


    • Graphite
    • OpenNL
    • CGAL


  • Wenping Wang, Hong-Kong University: Centroidal Voronoi diagrams
  • Greg Turk, Georgia Tech
  • Ismael Garcia, University of Girone


Computer Graphics, Geometry Processing, Scientific Visualization, Texture Synthesis, Ren-