Specifications development

Department 2 : Formal methods

Team leader : Jeanine Souquières
Tél. : +33 3 83 59 20 12
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The production of software that can be trusted is a major issue in software engineering. One way to address this issue is to use formal methods where the correctness of the resulting implementation is guaranteed by the development process. Refinement-based methods such as B were designed for this purpose. However, several questions remain:
• the use of formal methods is rather confidential due to genuine difficulties in their use, • component-based systems are not well taken care of, and • the quality of the result depends crucially on the quality of the initial specification.
Our general goal is then to provide developers with tools (conceptual as well as practical) to apply refinement-based methods to the development of trusted systems built out of components.

Research activities

  • Formal specification of component-based systems
  • Trusted assembly of components
  • Methods and tools for the development of formal specifications


  • LACL
  • LIFC
  • University of Duisburg
  • University of Sfax
  • University of Tunis


Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Requirement Engineering, Components, Methodology