Cyber Physical Systems

The field of Cyber Physical Systems is becoming increasingly important in industry and research. It quickly became a major source of innovation that can be applied in all sectors. The characteristic of these systems is their close interaction with physical, biological, social systems as, for example, mobile robots, humanoid robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, sailing drones, connected buildings, smart systems in healthcare,  for personally assisted living, etc.
The transverse axis “Cyber Physical Systems” gathers researchers whose complementarity makes the Loria a research center clearly identified to address all the scientific issues of this topic:
– formal verification and validation, system performance assessment;
– optimal deployment;
– communication protocols; distribution, adaptive middleware;
– virtual reality and augmented reality;
– adaptive autonomous system.
The Loria members involved in this research topic come from the teams Veridis (department Formal Methods), Madynes (department Networks, Systems and Services), Larsen, Cortex and Neurosys (department Complex Systems and Artificial Intelligence)
The main application areas related to the “Cyber Physical Systems” topics are:
– home automation and intelligent building (smart rooms);
– e-health, prostheses, ambient assisted living;
– neuroscience and artificial intelligence;
– autonomous and / or interactive robotics;
– industry 4.0-based manufacturing systems;
– energy systems.
The work carried out at Loria in the “Cyber-Physical Systems” axis especially generate several innovation and transfer actions; some of them are already underway as for example the start-up company Alerion, the project Satellor supported by the Economic Mobilization Agency of the Région Lorraine, the start-up Blue Way Solution at incubation stage.