Departement 5 : Systèmes complexes, Intelligence Artificielle et Robotique

Responsable de l’équipe : François Charpillet
Tel. : + 33 3 83 59 20 81
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Lifelong Autonomy and interaction skills for Robots in a Sensing ENvironment

Our vision is to have robots outside of the research labs and manufacturing industries. To reach this goal, the team LARSEN is developing methods to endow robots with long-term autonomy and interaction skills, taking into account the embedded and/or external sensors in the environment. These skills are grounded on physical and social interaction, machine learning, and planning under uncertainty. Experiments, especially in service and assistive robotics, are at the core of our methodology. Our techniques will potentially impact all the robotics elds and catalyze the ongoing eorts to transfer robots into our society.

Keywords: Robotics, Machine learning, Human-robot interaction, Sensing environment, Collaborative robotics