6th French-German day for cybersecurity

22 May 2023

The 6th Franco-German Day for Cybersecurity – Special Edition: Celebration of Franco-German friendship between Loria (CNRS, Inria, Université de Lorraine) and CISPA, will take place on Thursday, 25 May at CISPA, Saarbrucken.

CISPA is a national large-scale research institution within the Helmholtz Association. It researches information security in all its aspects and thematically aims to cover the entire spectrum from theory to empirical research. CISPA, which is expected to employ around 800 people after the completion of the expansion phase, is located in Saarland and thus in the direct vicinity of France and Luxembourg – an ideal location for the centre for cross-border and local collaborations with other research institutes, including Loria.

Loria is a Lorraine Research Laboratory in Computer Science and its Applications located in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, in the Grand Est region. It is a joint research unit of the French scientific institutions CNRS, Inria and the University of Lorraine. Loria is mainly concerned with fundamental and applied research in computer sciences, including information security. The scientific work is carried out by the 400 members of the laboratory, making it one of the largest research laboratories in the region Grand Est.

Based on the overlapping, common research field of information security, a successful cooperation has existed with Loria for three years under the heading “French German Center for Cybersecurity”.

The ceremony will take place at 5 pm with the signature of the extension of the partnership, in the presence of:

  • Michael Backes, director of the CISPA
  • Hélène Boulanger, president of the Université de Lorraine
  • Anke Rehlinger, minister-president of Saarland
  • Irène Weiss, regional councillor for the Grand Est region, responsible for cybersecurity.

The aim of the French-German Center for Cybersecurity initiative is to combine the strengths of two of the largest and most renowned institutions: CISPA and Loria jointly strengthen cybersecurity research and corresponding transfer and innovation activities between France and Germany and enable focused research on disruptive innovations for digital sovereignty along the strong Franco-German axis. The central topics include self-determination in data profiling, European internet and cryptography standards, operating systems developed and thoroughly evaluated in Europe to secure critical infrastructures, privacy protection and security guarantees in automated AI processes, electronic voting, fight against malwares, as well as secure networking in Industry 4.0 and autonomous systems.