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6th French-German day for cybersecurity

The 6th Franco-German Day for Cybersecurity – Special Edition: Celebration of Franco-German friendship between Loria (CNRS, Inria, Université de Lorraine) and CISPA, will take place on Thursday, 25 May at CISPA, Saarbrucken.

A new method for testing the security of cryptographic protocols such as TLS

Seeking to improve IT security, researchers from the PESTO project team have devised an “innovative and effective” method for identifying vulnerabilities in implementations of TLS, an essential protocol for securing data exchanges over internet. This method has already shown its worth, having been used to discover four new vulnerabilities, one of which was critical.

Charles V’s encrypted letter: a centuries-long riddle solved

Thanks to the combined efforts of four researchers from Inria, Loria (CNRS, Inria, University of Lorraine) and University of Picardie Jules-Verne, an encrypted letter from Charles V has been decrypted and confirmed remarkable historic facts, five centuries after being written. This is the story of an unusual yet successful collaboration between computer scientists and historians.

Bigscience: a new language model for all

Open source and covering forty-six different languages, BigScience is a new artificial intelligence heavyweight offering natural language processing. Claire Gardent, a CNRS research director at the LORIA and winner of the CNRS Silver Medal, who also sits on the project’s steering committee, explains the principle as well as its potential applications.

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Tamarin – finding vulnerabilities in protocols

Our digital lives are governed by a wide range of IT protocols used to protect the exchange of data, such as the EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) standard for debit & credit card transactions or the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, which protects internet connections. Jannik Dreier, an associate professor at Telecom Nancy and the University of Lorraine, and a member of PESTO, a joint Inria-LORIA team, has sought to identify vulnerabilities with these protocols. His ally in navigating these cryptographic labyrinths is a software program called Tamarin.



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