Loria Colloquium: Claudio Pacchierotti

7 March 2024

Next Loria colloquium will take place on Thursday, April 4th at 10 am in the Amphitheater.

We will have the pleasure to welcome Claudio Pacchierotti, CNRS tenured-researcher chercheur at the IRISA Rennes, for a presentation entitled “Beyond Force Feedback: Cutaneous Haptics in Human-centered Robotics”.

People from outside the laboratory must register before March 31st by sending an email to marie.baron (at) Loria.fr

As robotics advances into more integrated human-centered applications, haptic feedback plays a crucial role in connecting humans and robots seamlessly. While force feedback has traditionally played a crucial role, this presentation explores the untapped potential of cutaneous haptics to create more natural, richer, and safer interactions in human-centered robotics. Dr. Pacchierotti will share his contributions to this field, discussing the role of cutaneous and kinesthetic haptics for robotics, presenting the design of innovative cutaneous haptic interfaces and rendering techniques, along with their application in human-centered robotics and immersive environments. Emphasizing a holistic and multi-modal approach to haptic feedback, this talk aims to inspire researchers and engineers to explore cutaneous haptics for developing the next generation of sensory human-robot interfaces. The presentation concludes by addressing the scientific and technological challenges in this evolving field.
Claudio Pacchierotti is a tenured researcher at CNRS-IRISA in Rennes, France, since 2016. He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy. Pacchierotti earned his PhD at the University of Siena in 2014. He was Visiting Researcher in the Penn Haptics Group at University of Pennsylvania in 2014, the Dept. of Innovation in Mechanics and Management at University of Padua in 2013, the Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine (MIRA) at University of Twente in 2014, and the Dept. Computer, Control and Management Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome in 2022. Pacchierotti received the 2014 EuroHaptics Best PhD Thesis Award and the 2022 CNRS Bronze Medal. He is Senior Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics, Co-Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Telerobotics, and Secretary of the Eurohaptics Society.