Loria colloquium: Kristin Yvonne Rozier

12 June 2024

Next Loria colloquium will take place on Monday, June 24th at 1.30 pmin the amphitheater.
We will have the pleasure to welcome Kristin Yvonne Rozier, researcher at the faculty of the Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science Departments of Iowa State University.
The presentation is entitled “Rockets, Route-Analyzers, Rotorcraft, and Robonaut2: Intelligent, On-board Runtime Reasoning” and will be in English.

Runtime Verification (RV) has become critical to the deployment of a wide range of systems, including aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, rovers, and robots, as well as the systems that control them, like air traffic control systems and space stations. The most useful, important, and safety-critical jobs will require these systems to operate both intelligently and autonomously, with the ability to sense and respond to both nominal and off-nominal conditions. It is essential that we enable reasoning sufficient to react to dynamic environments and detect critical failures on-board, in real time, to enable mitigation triggering. We are challenged by the constraints of real-life embedded operation that limit the system instrumentation, space, timing, power, weight, cost, and other operating conditions of on-board, runtime verification. While the research area of RV is vast, there is a dearth of RV tools that can operate within these constraints, and without violating rules for air and space flight certification.The Realizable, Responsive, Unobtrusive Unit (R2U2) analyzes specifications that combine temporal logics with powerful reasoning to provide formal assurances during runtime, enabling self-assessment of critical systems. This presentation overviews recent algorithmic advances and the case studies they enabled, including embedding on-board NASA’s humanoid robot Robonaut2, a UTM (UAS Traffic Management) system, a CubeSat, and the NASA Lunar Gateway.

People from outside the Loria can register by sending an email to Marie Baron (prenom.nom@loria.fr) before June 20th.