Colloquium Loria : next talk with Pierre Senellart

1 February 2018

Loria’s colloquium will be held on Tuesday 20th of February at 1.30 pm in the amphitheater.

The second talk of 2018’s colloquium will be given by Pierre Senellart, Professor at ENS (Université Paris Sciences et Lettres) in the DI ENS laboratory.

It is entitled “Provenance and Probabilities in Relational Databases”.

Abstract :

We review the basics of data provenance in relational databases. We describe different provenance formalisms, from Boolean provenance to provenance semirings and beyond, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, to obtain additional information on the output of a query. We discuss representation systems for data provenance, circuits in particular, with a focus on practical implementation. Finally, we explain how provenance is practically used for probabilistic query evaluation in probabilistic databases.

For people whose not member of Loria, thank you for registering by e-mail before Friday 16th of February.