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CGAL: The open-source software library CGAL is taking computational geometry research into the world of industry

The result of close to 30 years of development, with significant contributions from Inria researchers, the CGAL library (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library) features the latest innovations in computational geometry research. Popular with users worldwide, the project was recently awarded a scientific prize – a well-deserved recognition for an entire community.

Happy new year!

The Loria laboratory sends you its best wishes for this new year.

Discover in this video clip the highlights of the past year:

Claire Gardent – 2022 ACL Fellow

Congratulations to Claire Gardent, CNRS researcher in the Synalp team, who has been selected as 2022 ACL Fellow!

How can digital technology help in the diagnosis and management of stuttering by speech-language pathologists?

Since 2019, researchers from the Multispeech team have been participating in the ANR Benephidire project, whose main objective is to provide additional knowledge on stuttering to propose an aid to diagnosis and management of stuttering by speech therapists. Zoom with Slim Ouni, head of Multispeech, on the contribution of his team.

REFINED : improving hearing aids using AI

Launched back in April, REFINED is a French National Research Agency (ANR) project which is seeking to use AI to improve hearing aids for patients suffering from auditory neuropathies. We caught up with Romain Serizel, associate professor at Université de Lorraine and member of the MULTISPEECH team (Loria and Inria Nancy – Grand Est research centre), to find out more about this project, which combines machine learning with highly constrained embedded systems.