Workshop on Shape Synthesis for Modeling and Fabrication

27 January 2017

Within the context of two PhD defenses related to ERC ShapeForge project, the ALICE team organizes a Workshop on Shape Synthesis for Modeling and Fabrication, on Thursday, February 2nd from 10.15 am to 5pm in Loria’s amphitheater.

The focus will be on simplifying the creation of objects which are difficult to model in 3D due to their complexity, either because they are very detailed, or because they have to satisfy many constraints. The presentations will cover automatic methods for modelling which help users deal with this complexity.

A variety of applications will be discussed, such as synthesizing illustrative patterns, modeling mechanisms for animatronics, optimizing rigid structures while enforcing constraints from additive manufacturing, optimizing porous structures resembling bones, automatically generating 3D printed molds, and generating large landscapes which form plausible ecosystems.

The full program is available here:
Please take the time to register by email to accueil-nancy [@] before January 30, 18:00.