Logjam: a new flaw in the SAL / TLS cryptographic protocol

Researchers have discovered Logjam, a new flaw in the SSL and TLS encryption protocols which affects around 8% of the Internet. This discovery stems from the work of researchers from the Caramel team at the LORIA (CNRS, India, University of Lorraine) in collaboration with researchers from India Rocquencourt in Paris, Microsoft Research and John Hopkins, Michigan and Pennsylvania Universities.

An ERC for Steve Kremer !

Steve Kremer, Inria research director with the Cassis team, has been awarded an European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant to fund his work on the specification and formal verification of new security functions.

A joint project with industry concerning online voting

The Cassis and Caramel teams at the Loria have signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish company Scytl, world leader in secure online voting and election modernization technology, thus formalizing joint work focused on studies into how best secure online voting.

The impact of anaesthetics on the activity of neuronal networks

Laure Buhry, the 2009 Laureate of the “For Women in Science” prize awarded by the L’Oréal France Foundation – UNESCO, became fascinated by the neurosciences early in her life. Today she is a maître de conference (Associate Professor) at the Université de Lorraine where she works alongside Axel Hutt on general anaesthetics. More specifically she studies what happens in the brain when a patient is under a general anaesthetic. Interview.


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