Welcome to Chloé BRAUD

Recently recruited as a researcher at the CNRS, Chloé Braud joined the Loria’s Synalp team on 1st October 2017. Focus on this research scientist

Program FADEx : highlight on Cybersecurity

Within the framework of the FADEx program, the Office for Science and Technology will invite a group of American Ph.D. candidates to France for a week.

A funding for the start-up company Antsway

The start up company Antsway from the Loria computing laboratory (CNRS, Inria and the University of Lorraine) is based on the Artem campus in Nancy and has just obtained a first round of investment. This funding came from IT-Translation, an investment body and co-founder of digital start-up companies from the research sphere, and from Fira Nord Est managed by Finovam Gestion. This investment will enable Antsway to fund the product launch of its software.

E-voting: Belenios software now available for general public use

Belenios is an online voting platform designed by the Inria-Loria Pesto and Caramba joint project teams. It is now available under a general public license.

Cryptography sets the tone… A story of string instrument making in the 19th century

Pierrick Gaudry, CNRS researcher in the Caramba team has broken the codes in the accounting registers of major Parisian instrument makers from the 19th century. This deciphering reveals the value of string instruments and provides more knowledge of the history of the instrument-making business.


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