Welcome to Loria !

Welcome to Loria !

Welcome to Loria !

Welcome to Loria !

Cybersecurity: a Franco-German
collaboration project on European autonomy
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Using Algorithms to adjust doses of medication

Artificial intelligence is combined with your pill box to ensure your treatment is at the right dosage.Adrien Coulet, lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and researcher in a joint team at Inria and Loria working in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, has created an algorithm

Impact Project LUE: DigiTrust or citizens’ trust in the digital world

In 2016, a large-scale denial-of-service cyberattack used the Mirai malware on over 145,000 connected objects like surveillance cameras or domestic routers to bring down the servers of major companies. Today, all connected objects can potentially be used to launch cyberattacks

Security flaws in the 5G mobile protocol

Jannik Dreier, senior lecturer at the Université de Lorraine (Télécom Nancy) has collaborated with researchers from the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the University of Dundee (Scotland) to carry out a very precise security analysis of the future mobile communication system, 5G.
Their conclusion: data protection has been improved in comparison with the previous 3G and 4G standards but flaws remain.

Cybersecurity. The official launch of the Gorille software created by the Cyber-Detect start-up company

The CYBER-DETECT start-up company which derived from research carried out at the Loria has announced the official release of its software suite Gorille. This software is intended for people working in cybersecurity and determines whether a file is malicious or not through a morphological analysis of the virus. This is a first in computer security.

3 questions to Michael Backes, professor of computer science and Doctor Honoris Causa at University of Lorraine

“What link do you have with Loria and more generally with the Lorraine ?

I ever since had a strong connection with France and in particular the Lorraine since I grew up in the State of Saarland, with its manifold connections and intertwinement within the Greater Region. I have always felt strongly connected to my home area, driven by the desire to contribute my share to make this area grow and prosper. This in particular includes, amongst others, longstanding joint research activities with Loria, such as in our joint collaborative research center on understanding and controlling online privacy.

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