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The subjects of PhD theses for the start of the academic year 2020 are online on the Jobs page, to be consulted here.

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Colloquium Loria by Olivier Bournez, “Analog computations are back”

The next colloquium of Loria will take place on Thursday, January 30th at 1.30 pm in the amphitheatre.

Jean-Baptiste Mouret wins award for his research into artificial life

Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Research Director Inria in team Larsen common to Inria and Loria, has won the Award for Outstanding Paper of the Decade from the ISALsociety for The evolutionary origins of modularity,

Quantum Computing : Renaud Vilmart has received an award for the best student paper at LICS

Renaud Vilmart is a doctoral student at the Université de Lorraine and belongs to the joint Inria-Loria Mocqua team. He was awarded the Kleene Awardf or the best student paper at LICS, the major conference on logic in computer science, which took place in Vancouver from June 24thto 27th.

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