Colloquium Loria by Olivier Bournez, “Analog computations are back”

15 January 2020

The next colloquium of Loria will take place on Thursday, January 30th at 1.30 pm in the amphitheatre.

Olivier Bournez is profesor of computer science at Ecole polytechnique. The talk will be in English.

Title : Analog computations are back

Abstract :

It turns out that if you just know what 0, 1, -1 are, as well as an addition, and a multiplication, and if you remember what an ordinary differential equation is, then you can (re-)define, (re-)discover and program many concepts from Mathematics and Computer Science. An even explain many concepts in a very simple(r) way to your kids, colleagues, and even grandmother.

In particular we will present/rediscover descriptive complexity, computability and complexity using polynomial ordinary differential equations only.

A title for this talk could also be “Programing with Ordinary Differential Equations”, as these questions also relate to analog models of computations, and in particular to the 1941 General Purpose Analog Computer of Claude Shannon, and to the machines at the time of your grandmother, and the forgotten art of their programming.

This also relates to today’s and futuristic computation models with molecules/proteins, such as the one that was awarded the “Prix du journal La Recherche 2019”.


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