Program FADEx : highlight on Cybersecurity

2 June 2017

Within the framework of the FADEx program, the Office for Science and Technology will invite a group of American Ph.D. candidates to France for a week.

Two seminars will be held in Nancy on the 12th and 13th of June, at Loria then in Rennes at Irisa.

The seminars will allow the US and French Ph.D. students to present and share their work on cybersecurity. Workshops will also be conducted in order to study scientific and technological convergences between the candidates.FADEx program encourages scientific exchanges between American and French Ph.D. students working in the same scientific field, and, by doing so, supports the creation of future French-American scientific collaborations.

In June 2017, we will organize a FADEx program focusing on cybersecurity, a vast and complex field of activity which aims to prevent malicious access to all objects, systems and digital infrastructures connected to a network. Cybersecurity covers the protection of physical systems, computer networks, software and data, as well as users’ awareness and understanding of rules and procedures related to the use of these systems.

Topics of interest:
– Cryptography
– Formal methods and theory of security
– Security services
– Intrusion/anomaly detection and malware mitigation
– Systems security
– Network security
– Database and storage security
– Software and application security
– Human and societal aspects of security and privacy