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7 June 2018

The Loria hosted the annual meeting of the Erasmus Mundus “Language and Communication Technologies” (LCT) consortium of the University of Lorraine on June 28th and 29th.
This meeting brought together the representatives of the seven European universities of the LCT Erasmus Mundus program, as well as all the students currently involved in the training. On this occasion, a graduation ceremony was held. About fifty students were present.
The President of the University of Lorraine emphasized in his speech the importance of collaborating with universities abroad and stressed to students the importance of completing a thesis.
Erasmus Mundus is indeed a prestigious program that aims to improve the quality of European higher education and strengthen intercultural understanding. The aim is to promote the European Union as an area of ​​academic excellence worldwide, to contribute to the sustainable development of higher education in third countries and to offer students the best career prospects. This program welcomes students from around the world over two years. The courses are thus taught in English and at the University of Lorraine, the training is conducted at IDMC (Institute of Digital Sciences, Management and Cognition) formerly UFR Mathematics Computer Science. Students must complete each year at one of the consortium’s partner universities. The students then receive a double master’s degree from both universitie, as well as a European certificate.
The universities of the LCT consortium are, alongside the University of Lorraine:
Germany: Saarland University (coordinator)
France: University of Lorraine
Italy: University of Trento
Malta: University of Malta
Czech Republic: Charles University, Prague
Netherlands: University of Groningen
Spain: The University of the Basque Country
Australia: University of Melbourne
China: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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