The « Gilles Kahn 2021 – Société Informatique de France » Thesis Prize

4 February 2022

Gabrielle de Micheli and Charlie Jacomme, two former Loria PhD students, have recently been awarded by the Société Informatique de France (SIF). Congratulations to them!

Gabrielle de Micheli (Caramba), obtained the Gilles Kahn 2022 thesis prize, awarded by the Société Informatique de France and sponsored by the Académie des Sciences for her thesis “Discrete Logarithm Cryptanalyses: Number Field Sieve and Lattice Tools for Side-Channel Attacks“, under the supervision of Pierrick Gaudry and Cécile Pierrot

Discover the portrait of Gabrielle made for the L’Oréal Unesco Prize (text in french)

Charlie Jacomme completed his thesis between the Laboratoire de méthodes formelles (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay, Inria and CentraleSupélec) and the Pesto team. He was awarded an accessory prize for his thesis “Proofs of security protocols – symbolic methods and powerful attackers“, supervised by Hubert Comon (ENS Paris-Saclay) and Steve Kremer.


Explore Charlie Jacomme’s research in this video made on the occasion of his GDR computer security award (text and video in french)

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