Colloquium Loria : Mathieu d’Aquin

colloquium Mathieu d'Aquin

19 mars 2021

Mathieu d’Aquin, Professeur d’informatique spécialisé dans l’analyse de données et les technologies sémantiques au Data Science Institute et l’Insight Centre for Data Analytics de l’Université Nationale d’Irlande à Galway, est le prochain orateur du Colloquium du Loria.

Le colloquium aura lieu le jeudi 1er avril à 13h sur Teams, avec un exposé intitulé “Data and knowledge as commodities”.

Résumé : While data has become increasingly available in the last few years, those data and the models used to analyse them are becoming less and less interpretable. In other words, the challenge of turning such vast amounts of data into exploitable knowledge is still present. In this presentation, I aim to describe ongoing efforts to address this challenge by combining current data mining and machine learning techniques with traditional, symbolic methods for artificial intelligence based on explicit knowledge representations and inferences. In particular, taking examples from projects in education, smart cities and the digital humanities, I show how the legacy of the semantic web, especially web-scale knowledge graphs and ontologies, can support intelligent methods for data understanding and the interpretability of machine learning models.