Information about Covid-19

Date of creation: 2020/03/18 – Update: 2021/01/05

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General information:

  • Teleworking is widespread throughout the building.

More information:

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  • What are the modalities of access to the site?

    • Exceptionally, and with the agreement of your manager, it is possible to come to the laboratory with certain conditions:
      • one day per week;
      • if the activity (in the department or in the team) cannot be carried out remotely;
      • to make a quick passage to retrieve documents or equipment;
      • for students and trainees: to make points with your manager.
    • Given the curfew, the building is open from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 7am to 6.30pm.
    • Access to the building is only possible through the main entrance, by going to the reception desk.
    • The restaurant and the cafeteria are closed. However, outside spaces are open again. We encourage you to use these areas when you have lunch on site:
      • the terrace located at the tip of the restaurant (accessible from the outside);
      • the terrace of the cafeteria
    • Access to the microwaves is once again authorised. A disinfection protocol has been placed near these appliances, please follow it each time you use them.
    • The 2m barrier distance between guests must be respected, including outside. Please disinfect your place when you leave and apply the sanitary protocols posted.
    • Reception of outside persons is not allowed, except in exceptional cases after consultation with the local crisis unit.
  • When traveling more than 10 km:

    • From this Tuesday 6 April, if you travel more than 10 km to come to the laboratory or centre, you will need to bring a travel certificate. You can download this document here. Please fill it in and send it to your team or department manager.
    • This document is nominative. A non-nominative document is not acceptable to the authorities. You must therefore use this document and no other.
    • The document alone is necessary, you will not need to make an additional certificate
    • It is only valid for the means of transport indicated (if you change your means of transport, you will need another document).
    • The duration indicated may correspond to the entire planned duration of the confinement.
    • This certificate is not valid for coming to the site several times a week and can only be used on the way to work.
  • Can we go on a mission?

      • Please comply with your employer’s instructions and coordinate with your team assistant and the management of the centre or laboratory to obtain their validation.
      • Reminder: the rule of the organization issuing the mission order prevails regardless of the actual employer of the staff member going on mission
      • CNRS / Université de Lorraine / Inria information

More information :

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