Information about Covid-19

19 March 2020

Date of creation: 2020/03/18 – Update: 2020/09/09

 Information in French

Lockdown gradual lifting

  • The site will be reopened for all activities starting June 29th and face-to-face work will be done progressively according to your employer’s instructions.
    Presence is no longer limited to one person / day / office.

From June 29th:

  • What are the modalities of access to the site?

    • The site will be open from 8am to 10pm, with a possible arrival between 8am and 6pm to allow the reception to give you a mask.
    • Access to the site is always only by the main entrance (building A).
    • Mask must be worn :
      • in any point of the building except the individual office;
      • when there are several of you in an office;
      • you now have the possibility to come with your personal masks.
    • Respect of barrier gestures and a distance of one meter between each person.
  • Is it possible to organize meetings?

    • The reservation of all the meeting rooms is again possible, only at the reception desk (the capacity of the rooms will be reviewed to respect the minimum distance of one metre between each person) and within the limit of one meeting per half-day for each room.
    • Wearing a mask is obligatory, respect of barrier gestures and a minimum distance of one metre between each person.
    • Disinfection of affected surfaces (hand wipes and hydro-alcoholic gel) and ventilation (when possible) by the agents between meetings.
    • The videoconference rooms are opened again and the use of videoconferencing is authorised.
  • Can we welcome external visitors?

    • Access to the site is authorised to external visitors, but only by invitation and on condition that they respect the same health rules (barrier gestures and wearing of masks) as the agents. It is therefore necessary to warn the receptionists.
  • Can we eat at the lab?

    • From September 1st at the restaurant: guests should only use the seats with the chairs tipped over.
    • Rules of distance of 1m between two people to be respected: do not move the chairs.
    • The cafeteria is open from 9am to 11am and from 12pm to 2pm. Lunch baskets are available on reservation before 10:30 am.
    • New information on the restaurant and cafeteria is available on the Inria intranet
  • Can we go on a mission?

    • Please comply with your employer’s instructions and coordinate with your team assistant and the management of the centre or laboratory to obtain their validation.
    • Reminder: the rule of the organization issuing the mission order prevails regardless of the actual employer of the staff member going on mission
    • CNRS / UL / Inria information
    • More information :
  • Inria’s physical return to work plan, to be consulted on the intranet (CAS identification)
  • FAQ of the University of Lorraine
  • CNRS advices on the CNRS intranet (connection with CNRS account)
  • Information for our personnel at Centrale Supélec Metz
  • Useful tools for remote work
  • University of Lorraine Tools
  • CNRS Tools
  • Which tools should be used?
    • Chat communication (quick discussions in pairs or in groups, file transfer) :
      – Citadel
      – My Com (instant messaging part)
    • audio communication (talking to each other in pairs or groups, sharing content) or video communication (to be limited so as not to saturate resources):
      – Tixeo (collaborative editing possible)
      – Rendez-vous (audio: 5 to 10 participants max simultaneously, video: 4 to 5 participants)
      – RENAvisio
      – My Com
  • Inria Tools
  • General information
  • Government website
  • Ministry of Solidarity and Health
  • France Diplomatie
  • Santé Publique France
  • World Health Organization