• PhD Position F/M Studying gestures and speech for an effective robot-human interaction
  • PhD Position F/M Deep learning based approaches to speaker identification in real conditions
  • Postdoc: Symbolic tools for the formal verification of cryptographic protocols
  • PHD/Thèse Proposal Integration of a modelling language and a distributed programming language
  • [PhD proposal] A graphical approach for simulation and verification in quantum computing
  • [PhD proposal] Diagrammatic language for the quantum computer.
  • [Thèse /PhD Position] Studying gestures and speech for an effective robot-human interaction
  • [PhD] Decentralized multi-map self-organization
  • PhD proposal: A biologically plausible computer model of pathological neuronal oscillations observed in Parkinson’s disease
  • 2-years post-doc position in structural bioinformatics / molecular modeling
  • PhD Position. Natural Language Processing: adding new words to a speech recognition system using Deep Neural Networks
  • PhD Proposal : Mining Texts at Discourse Level
  • PhD Position on “Expressive speech synthesis based on deep learning”
  • post-doc PIA DUNE EOLE
  • PhD proposal: Whole-body motion planning and control for humanoid robots
  • PhD proposal: Simulation of random geometric structures
  • Phd Proposal: Procedural, Stochastic, and Fabricable Microstructures
  • PhD. Position/Offre de thèse : Statistical Performance Evaluation Tools for Classification and Machine Learning with Erroneous Data
  • PhD proposal: Privacy protection against inference attacks in social networks
  • PhD proposal – Data processing from multiple sensors and collaboration of mobile agents for environment exploration
  • PhD proposal : Dialogue Dynamics Modeling in the Simple Theory of Types
  • PhD proposal : Multi-scale Analysis of Digital Curves and Surfaces
  • PhD proposal: Computing periodic Delaunay triangulations
  • PhD proposal: Image-based Biomechanical Simulation of Mitral Valve Closure
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