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juillet 2017

PhD Defense – Marharyta ALEKSANDROVA

juillet 7 @ 10:30 - 12:30

Marharyta Aleksandrova, PhD student in Kiwi team will defend her PhD thesis on Friday the 7th of July at 10h30 in the room A008. The title is Matrix Factorization and Contrast Analysis Techniques for Recommendation. Abstract:     In many application areas, data elements can be high-dimensional. This raises the problem of dimensionality reduction. The dimensionality reduction techniques can be classified based on their aim: dimensionality reduction for optimal data representation and dimensionality reduction for classification, as well as based on the adoptedstrategy: feature selection and feature extraction. The set of features resulting from feature extraction methods…

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Summer school on Models and Tools for Cryptographic Proofs

juillet 10 - juillet 13

The University of Bristol in collaboration with Inria and LORIA in Nancy with the support of the H2020 EU project ECYPT-CSA are organizing a summer school on formal verification of cryptographic systems from the Monday 10th to the Thursday 13th of July 2017. Aims, audience, and prerequisites The school aims to introduce the participants to the principles of computer aided analysis of cryptographic systems. The primary audience are PhD students working on topics closely related to the focus of the school, but also researchers in cryptography that…

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PhD Defense – Mohsen HASSAN

juillet 11 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Mohsen Hassan, PhD student in the Orpailleur team will defend his PhD on Tuesday the 11th of July in room C005 at 1.30 pm. The title of his thesis is : "Knowledge Discovery Considering Domain Literature and Ontologies : Application to Rare Diseases. Abstract : Even if they are uncommon, Rare Diseases (RDs) are numerous and generally severe, what makes their study important from a healthcare point of view. Few databases provide information about RDs, such as Orphanet and Orphadata. Despite their laudable effort,…

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PhD Defense – Nicolas Aubry

juillet 12 @ 13:30 - 16:30

Nicolas Aubry, PhD student in Adagio team will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Segmentation and geometric measurements: application to metallic tubular object". The defense will take place on Wednesday, July 12 at 13:30 at LORIA Nancy in the room C005. Abstract: The presence of specularity on an object is a recurring problem that limits the application of many segmentation methods. Indeed, specularities are areas with a very high intensity and greatly disturb the detection when the notion of gradient of the…

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talk Raouf Boutaba – Madynes Team

juillet 13 @ 14:00 - 15:00

Prof. Raouf Boutaba will join the MADYNES team as Inria International chair. He will introduce himself and his recent research in our next seminar on Thursday 13/07 at 2pm in B013. His talk is entitled "Reliable Network Slicing: From Transport Networks to 5G". Abstract: Network Slicing also known as Network Virtualization allows multiple Virtual Networks to coexist on a single physical substrate in isolation from each other, i.e., without security or performance interferences. It has been propounded as a diversifying attribute of the future inter-networking paradigm…

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