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décembre 2017

PhD Defense – Aditya Arie Nugraha

décembre 5 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Aditya Arie Nugraha, PhD student in Mutispeech team will defend his thesis on December 5th at 1.30 pm in room C005. The title is : " Deep neural networks for source separation and noise-robust speech recognition". Abstract :  This thesis addresses the problem of multichannel audio source separation by exploiting deep neural networks (DNNs). We build upon the classical expectation-maximization (EM) based source separation framework employing a multichannel Gaussian model, in which the sources are characterized by their power spectral densities and…

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TALC Seminar – Yannick Parmentier

décembre 6 @ 14:00 - 15:00

Yannick Parmentier who works in Synalp team will give a talk on Wednesday, 6th December 2017 at 2pm in room A008. The title is : "From Description Languages to the Description of Description Languages" Abstract: Having a fine-grained description of natural language is a prerequisite for many NLP applications such as dialogue systems or machine translation. Such descriptions were originally hand-crafted, and thus costly to build and extend. In the late 90ies, some attempts were made to semi-automatically generate these linguistic descriptions. Among these…

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Department 3 : PhD Day

décembre 7

As every year, Department 3 (Networks, Systems and services) will organize its annual PhD day on Thursday December 7th, 2017, to allow all the PhD students of the department to present their ongoing work and to share their experiences. It is also a good occasion to enlarge your backgrounds and exchange with others, so promoting the emergency of new ideas and inter-team collaborations. Each PhD student of year 2 and beyond will have a presentation of 20 minutes Each fresh PhD…

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Formal Method Seminar (D2) – Martin Schüle

décembre 7 @ 14:00 - 15:00

Martin Schüle, from the Applied Science Faculty of Zürich will give a talk on the Thursday 7th December at 2.00 pm in room B013. The title is "Elementary Cellular Automata and the Nature of Computation." Abstract :  Computational notions abound in science. Especially in the fields of biology and neuroscience computational capacities are often ascribed to entities and processes. Yet it is not clear what kind of "computation" is at work there. Can it still be treated within traditional computational theory…

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Soutenance HDR de Bertrand Kerautret

décembre 12 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Bertrand Kerautret de l'équipe Adagio du D1 soutiendra son habilitation à diriger des recherche le 12 décembre à 13h30 salle A008. Le titre est « Analyse d’objets discrets pour l’estimation géométrique et la détection d’échelle ».   Résumé : à venir

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