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novembre 2017

PhD Defense – Quan V. Nguyen

novembre 3 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Quan V. Nguyen will defend his thesis on Friday, November 3 at 13:30 in room C005 at LORIA. The thesis is entitled “Mapping of a sound environment by a mobile robot". Abstract: Robot audition provides hearing capability for robots and helps them explore and understand their sound environment. In this thesis, we focus on the task of sound source localization for a single or multiple, intermittent, possibly moving sources using a mobile robot and exploiting robot motion to improve the source localization. We propose a Bayesian filtering framework…

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PhD Defense : Charlotte Delmas

novembre 10 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Charlotte Delmas, Phd student in Magrit team will defend her thesis on the 10th of November at 1:30 pm in room C005. The thesis is entitled :"3D reconstruction of curvilinear micro-devices in interventional neuroradiology". This CIFRE thesis was co-supervised by Yves Trousset, Cyril Riddell (GE Healthcare), Marie-Odile Berger and Erwan Kerrien (INRIA Nancy) in partnership with the CHU of Nancy. Abstract : The clinical practice for intra-cranial endovascular treatments using a biplane image guiding system makes for two situations where a…

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décembre 2017

PhD Defense – Zeinab Bakhtiarinoodeh

décembre 5 @ 10:00

Zeinab Bakhtiarinoodeh, PhD student will defend her thesis on the 5th of December at 10h00 in room B013 at LORIA. The title is : "Dynamics of incomplete and inconsistent information-Applications of logic, algebra, and coalgebra". Abstract: In this Ph.D. dissertation, we investigate reasoning about information change in the presence of incomplete or inconsistent information, and the characterization of notions of bisimulation on models encoding such reasoning patterns. Modal logics for incomplete and inconsistent information are typically weaker than the standard modal logics, such as…

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PhD Defense – Aditya Arie Nugraha

décembre 5 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Aditya Arie Nugraha, PhD student in Mutispeech team will defend his thesis on December 5th at 1.30 pm in room C005. The title is : " Deep neural networks for source separation and noise-robust speech recognition". Abstract :  This thesis addresses the problem of multichannel audio source separation by exploiting deep neural networks (DNNs). We build upon the classical expectation-maximization (EM) based source separation framework employing a multichannel Gaussian model, in which the sources are characterized by their power spectral densities and…

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Soutenance HDR de Bertrand Kerautret

décembre 12 @ 13:30 - 16:00

Bertrand Kerautret de l'équipe Adagio du D1 soutiendra son habilitation à diriger des recherche le 12 décembre à 13h30 salle A008. Le titre est « Analyse d’objets discrets pour l’estimation géométrique et la détection d’échelle ».   Résumé : à venir

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