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octobre 2018

TALC Seminar : Paul Magron

octobre 17 @ 14:00 - 16:00

Next TALC Seminar will take place on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 2pm in room A008. Paul Magron (Tampere University of Technology) will give a presentation entitled "Probabilistic modeling of the phase for audio source separation". Abstract: Many audio source separation techniques act on a time-frequency representation of the data, such as the short-time Fourier transform (STFT), since it reveals the underlying structure of sounds. These methods usually discard the phase information and process spectrogram-like quantities only. The sources are…

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Formal Methods Seminar : Fabian Reiter

octobre 19 @ 14:00 - 15:30

Next Formal Methods Seminar will take place on Friday, October 19th at 2pm in room B013. Fabian Reiter (LSV, Cachan) will give a presentation entitled "Descriptive distributed complexity" Abstract: This talk connects two classical areas of theoretical computer science: descriptive complexity and distributed computing. The former is a branch of computational complexity theory that characterizes complexity classes in terms of equivalent logical formalisms. The latter studies algorithms that run in networks of interconnected processors. Although an active field of research since…

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Workshop on Security and Privacy Issues of Big Data

octobre 24 - octobre 26
Saarland Germany + Google Map

A workshop for PhD Students on Security and Privacy issues of Big Data will take place at CISPA, Saarland, from October 24 to October 26th. The development of ICT has tremendously changed people’s way of living during the past decade. The resulting big data, on one hand, can help to build appealing industrial products, on the other hand, raises serious concerns about people‘s security and privacy. This workshop aims to bring together PhD students from CISPA and LORIA to address…

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novembre 2018

Journées Informatique Quantique 2018

novembre 8 @ 11:00 - novembre 9 @ 15:00

Les Journées Informatique Quantique sont organisées par le groupe de travail Informatique Quantique (GT IQ) du GdR IM du CNRS. Elles se dérouleront au LORIA à Nancy. Les Journées Informatique Quantique ont pour but de rassembler la communauté travaillant dans les différents domaines que recouvre l'informatique quantique. Une série d'exposés permettra de prendre connaissance des travaux des participants. Les jeunes chercheurs, tout particulièrement les doctorants et post-doctorants, sont vivement encouragés à présenter leurs résultats récents ou travaux en cours. L'inscription…

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Department 1 seminar : Chee Yap (New York University)

novembre 8 @ 14:00 - 15:30

The next seminar of Department 1 will take place on Thursday, November 8th at 2pm in room A008. Chee Yap (New York University) will give a presentation entitled "Subdivision Path Planning in Robotics: Theory and Practice".  ABSTRACT:  Motion planning is a fundamental problem in robotics. We propose to design path planners based on three foundations: (1) The notion of resolution-exact'' planners. Conceptually, it avoids the zero problem of exact computation. (2) The use of soft predicates'' for achieving such algorithms in the subdivision approach. (3)…

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