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GraphViz Java API

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Version 0.4 is out (Feb 5, 2011).

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Description ( Top )
With this Java class you can simply call dot from your Java programs. It is made to facilitate the usage of GraphViz in your Java programs.

Download / View ( Top )
Download the source and documentation here. View the source here. Here is an example on how to use this simple API.

Version history ( Top )
Version Date Remark
v0.4 2011. Feb. 5. Patch of Keheliya Gallaba is added. Now you can specify the type of the output file: gif, dot, fig, pdf, ps, svg, png, etc.
v0.3 2010. Nov. 29. Windows support (only took 7 years :)) + ability to read DOT source from a file
v0.2 2010. July 22. simple bug fix
v0.1 2003. Dec. 4. first release

Ideas / To do ( Top )
Tell me if you have some ideas...

Credits ( Top )
Thanks to these people for their contributions: Mike Chenault, Keheliya Gallaba.

How to contact me ( Top )
If you have any ideas how to improve this project, then send me your suggestions/patches to jabba.laci@gmail.com.

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