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Copy Text To Clipboard

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Version 0.3 is out (the project is updated after 3.5 years! :))

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Description ( Top )
This simple console application copies the first parameter to the Windows clipboard. If no parameter given, then an empty string is copied to the clipboard, i.e. everything is erased on the clipboard. This application is based on another project of mine -- CopyPathToClipboard -- but even simpler.


What you type:
What is copied to the clipboard:
c:\video>ctc.exe lone_wolf_and_cub.avi lone_wolf_and_cub.avi
c:\video>ctc.exe (everything is erased on the clipboard)

Download ( Top )
You can download the source and its components here.

Install ( Top )
Just unpack it. You get the source (I used Dev-C++ during the development) and the binary too (ctc.exe). Copy the binary to a directory that is in your path, and then you can use it any time.

Options ( Top )
This is the output of the /h option:

ctc.exe: copies the first parameter as a text to the Windows clipboard

Usage: e:\utils\ctc.exe [option] [parameter]
where option can be:
   /h , /help       get this help
   /u , /un         change space to underline (_)
   /uc              change to uppercase
   /lc              change to lowercase
   /c               capitalize the first character
   /ca              capitalize all words
   /e , /ec         cut off the last extension

v0.3, written by Laszlo Szathmary, szathml@delfin.unideb.hu

Version history ( Top )
Version Date Remark
v0.3 February 2007 Switches are now processed in chain. A dear user, John Potelle suggested this. Until now the program terminated when conflicting parameters were used. Now they are applied in chain. It may be "more friendly for scripting if the scripter has stored 'defaults' for ctc which could be overridden on the script's command line".
A new switch (/ca) is added to capitalize all words.
v0.2 August 2003 some useful options added (see the output of the /h option)
v0.1 again May 2003 code rewritten
v0.1 about 1999 First implementation. It was all very nice, but I lost the source :( I don't know how it happened, I always make backups. The binary remained, so I could use it, but then I had the idea to make it open source, but without source it's quite difficult. So I had to rewrite it.

Related work ( Top )

Tips ( Top )
Here are some tips how to use it efficiently:

Ideas / To do ( Top )
If you have some suggestions, let me know. You can also tell me how you use this program, I'm always glad to get some feedback from users.

Credits ( Top )
A friend of mine, Gabor helped me in the first implementation coding the copyStringToClipboard() function. Unfortunately this code got lost :(
John Potelle pushed me to make v0.3.

How to contact me ( Top )
If you have any ideas how to improve this project, then send me your suggestions/patches to szathml@delfin.unideb.hu.

Created by Laszlo Szathmary, alias Jabba Laci, 2003--2007