Past Research Projects

Ultra Scalable Simulation with SimGrid

USS SimGrid is a project granted by the ANR (2009-2011) of which I am PI. The goal is to push the tool scalability limits so that it becomes usable in P2P research.

Ancient Research Projects

Fast Application System Timer (details)

FAST is a library gathering information on the application needs and systems availabilities to help the network-aware applications to take appropriate decisions. This code was developped during my PhD, and then integrated in the DIET grid enabled Problem Solving Environment. The development is now discontinued.

Application-Level Network Mapper

TODO Document Alnem (an application-level network mapper)

APST Debian Packaging

The AppLeS Parameter Sweep Template was part of the first generation of AppLeS templates. Its purpose was to schedule and deploy parameter sweep applications on the Computational Grid. We define parameter sweep applications as consisting of many independent tasks (little or no inter-task communication) using files for input and output. Such applications arise in many scientific and engineering domains. Common examples include all kinds of Monte-Carlo simulations and parameter-space searches.

Parameter Sweep applications are well suited for the Grid as they are generally large-scale and very loosely coupled. So far, our focus has been on a few target applications. From a software perspective, deploying large scale applications on the Computational Grid is challenging. From a scheduling perspective, Parameter Sweep applications are interesting when they exhibit data-sharing patterns (e.g., some tasks sharing input files). It then becomes critical to strategically co-locate data and tasks.

This is NOT free software, but suffers of a restrictive license from the University of California, explaining that it died when its authors moved to something else. That's too bad, it was a neat tool. I should reimplement it some day.