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Some events I am currently affiliated with:
The summer school on Verification Technology, Systems, and Applications is organized every year in the Greater Region. The organizing institutions are INRIA Nancy, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Saarbrücken, and the Universities of Liège and Luxembourg. It is a five-day event with five speakers that get two half-days to present their field in sufficient detail. The focus is on an integration of theory, tool support, and real-world applications. The 2014 edition takes place during the last week of October in Luxembourg.
AVoCS is a yearly workshop on automated verification of system, understood broadly. It is intended as a friendly meeting where young researchers (in particular, Ph.D. students) are encouraged to present their work and get feedback. I am a member of the AVoCS steering committee. The 2014 edition is organized at the University of Twente.
ABZ 2014
ABZ is a yearly conference focusing on state-based formal methods. In 2014 it is organized in Toulouse, France, and for the first time officially calls for papers from the TLA+ community.
ICFEM 2014
The International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods provides a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in applying formal methods to software systems. The 2014 edition takes place in Luxembourg, and I am the co-chair of the program committee.
IJCAR 2014
The 7th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning is part of the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014, the largest event in all areas involving formal logic of all times. It is the main venue for research in automated deduction.
FRIDA 2014: Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms
This workshop is affiliated with CAV 2014, part of FLoC 2014 at the Vienna Summer of Logic. It is an interdisciplinary effort by scientists from the fields of formal methods, logic in computer science, and distributed algorithm theory in order to bring together researchers interested in the verification of distributed algorithms.

Stephan Merz