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PSSL86 in Nancy

The 86th edition of the Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic will be held at the Institut Élie Cartan (IECN) on the Université Henri Poincaré campus in Nancy, France, on the weekend of September 8-9 2007. We intend to continue the PSSL tradition of informality, and to schedule talks pertaining to any aspect of category theory, with or without applications in natural science, logic, computer science, or other branches of mathematics.

Here is the preliminary schedule, and once upon a time it was possible to register as well as reserve a room in some of the following suggested hotels . Here is the final list of participants.

In the PSSL tradition, people arriving not too late Friday are welcome at Le Petit Cuny, 97 Grande Rue, where some of us will hang around starting at 7pm, to have drinks and sample the hearty local (well, Alsatian) cuisine, in particular Flammekuche, our very own answer to pizza. There will also be a banquet on Saturday evening for which those who want to attend will be asked a moderate sum.

Getting to the IECN

Take the tramway in the "CHU Brabois" direction and get off at the "Callot" stop. If you are not directly next to it, you should find Jacques Callot street behind the McDonald's. It leads to the entrance of the campus. There are two glass-and-steel structures in a similar style, and the IECN is the one that will be to your right (the other, to your left, is the Loria , the computer science lab). Notice that the entrance to the IECN itself is on the side of the building, inside a small glass-enclosed lobby.

Details to keep in mind

Getting to Nancy

If you are going through Paris, the fast TGV-Est train was inaugurated in June, and doing Paris-Nancy now only takes 1h30m, with easy connections to the two Paris airports. Warning: This new train line is exceedingly popular, and although new trains will be scheduled in August, make sure you book several days in advance (reserved seats only). The city of Nancy is also right on the Paris-Munich train line, and has good train connections with the north (Luxembourg, Brussels and Frankfurt via Metz) and the south (Lyon, Nice...). There is a local airport , right next to a TGV station and 45 minutes away from downtown by minibus shuttle , and there are also two relatively close international airports, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, which often allow you to do the airport-dowtown Nancy trip in less than 2h30m.

Nancy is of considerable interest for the mathematical tourist, being the birthplace of Henri Poincaré, and being intimately related to the career of Nicolas Bourbaki. It has two historical old towns: the medieval one, with the Renaissance palace of the Dukes of Lorraine, and the classical one, with UNESCO World Heritage plazas built by Duke Stanislaw. It can also boast one of the highest concentrations of Art Nouveau architecture in all of Europe, rivalling Prague and Barcelona.