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Irina Illina

Assistant Professor, University Nancy II, Technologies Institute of Charlemagne (IUT)

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Teaching : Université Nancy II
IUT Charlemagne

IUT Charlemagne
2ter, Boulevard Charlemagne
54000 NANCY (map)
E-mail :
tel. : (secretary)
fax :
Office : 113

Research : LORIA (Computer Science Center of Lorraine)

LORIA - U.M.R. 7503
Campus Scientifique BP 239
F-54506 Vandoeuvre Cedex (map)

E-Mail :
tel. :
fax : 03 83 41 30 79
Office : B118

Research Group : MultiSpeech, directed by Denis Jouvet


Computer Science PhD Thesis, University Nancy I (finished at 1997):

Extensions of Mixture Stochastic Trajectory Model for Continuous Speech Recongition

Thesis Advisors :
Jean-Paul HATON, Professor, University Nancy I, France
Yifan GONG, actually Research Scientist in Texas Instrument, USA

Keywords :

continuous speech recognition, acoustic modeling, segment-based models, stochastic trajectory model, segmentation, environment and speaker adaptation, compensation, search of best sentence during the recognition, indexing of audio data


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