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Linguistics in Nancy]

NLP Seminar

The aim of the Nancy NLP seminar is to study recent developments in various areas of computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing. Talks will describe theoretical work, implementations, and educational or other real-world applications of computational logic and computational linguistics.

The meetings take place every second week during the academic year (september-june), on thursdays at 2pm unless otherwise stated.

Current Schedule

The schedule for the second 2007/2008 semester is available here.

Previous semesters seminars :

Suggestions and Contributions

If you have suggestions for future presentations at the seminar, or if you'd like to present your own work at the seminar, please get in touch with the current organizer, Claire Gardent at firstname.lastname@loria.fr.


The Nancy NLP Seminar is jointly funded by the LORIA colloquium fund and by the Contrat Plan Etat-Région, Pôle de Recherche Scientifique et Technologique "Intelligence Logicielle", Thème de recherche Ingénierie des langues, du document et de l'Information Scientifique, Technique et Culturelle".