The AdOC (Adaptive Online Compression) library is a set of functions that implements the AdOC algorithm of Jeannot, Knutsson and Bjorkmann. It enables an efficent way to transmit files and data across the network using dynamic compression and adapting compression level to the environment.


Experimental results show that for transmitting ASCII files or binaries on networks up to 100Mbps, AdOC outperforms any other method (ftp, scp, compression-transmission-uncompression, etc...).

Successfully ported on LINUX (32/64 bits), Solaris/SunOS, MacOS/darwin, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, FreeBSD, Dec-Alpha OSF, Cygwin.

It has been easily incorporated into NetSolve thanks to its simple API close to the read/write system call. It improves the performance of this PSE by a factor of 5 on certain kind of data over Internet, while there is no slowdown when dealing with high speed network.


New features: solve the compression divergence problem, work on Gbit LAN with very few degradation (15 micro- seconds), improve latency for small messages (no difference with the POSIX read/write), no degradation for random/compressed data.

A PDF presentation is available here.

This library is available under LGPL license.  Download the AdOC library (ver. 2.1 -- November 3 2004).