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Recent activities

Updated the 15/05/2014

I've started a new post-doc position in the team Cassis in LORIA.

A new publication is added on my publication page:

  • A conference paper at TACAS 2014: APTE: an Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence

A new version of APTE was released (v0.4beta).

Two new publications are added on my publication page.

  • A conference paper at CAV 2013: Lengths may break privacy -- or how to check for equivalences with length.
  • A journal paper at TCS 2013: Deciding equivalence-based properties using constraint solving.

A new version of APTE was released (v0.3beta). Moreover, a dedicated website was created for APTE. See APTE Website

I gave a talk at POST 2013, Conference on Principles of Security and Trust, Roma, March 18-19, 2013. (PDF and Keynote slides avalaible here)