Le colloquium du Loria reprend le 15 septembre avec David Basin

13 juillet 2017

Le colloquium du Loria reprend le 15 septembre ! À cette occasion, nous accueillerons David Basin, professeur à ETH Zurich
et responsable du “Information Security Group” avec un exposé intitulé “Verified Secure Routing: The Verified Scion Project”.



Routing is at the heart of the Internet and has been a continual source of security problems since its expansion in the 1980s. SCION is a new approach to the Internet, which offers dramatically better security properties than we currently have. We describe a collaborative effort, the Verified Scion Project, at ETH Zurich that aims to verify Scion, going the full distance from high-level network-wide properties down to the code running on SCION routers. We will explain the issues involved, the approach we take, the progress we have made, and perspectives for the future.

The work reported on is joint work between three groups at ETH Zurich: my Information Security Group, the Network Security Group of Adrian Perrig, and the Programming Methodology Group of Peter Mueller.

Pour toutes personnes extérieures au laboratoire, merci de vous inscrire auprès de Olivia Brenner.

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