Colloquium Loria : Henri Prade

12 octobre 2017

Le colloquium du Loria se poursuit le mardi 7 novembre à 13h30 dans l’amphithéâtre du Loria ! À cette occasion, nous accueillerons Henri Prade, directeur de recherche CNRS au sein de l’IRIT et responsable du “Information Security Group” Son exposé s’intitule “Verified Secure Routing: The Verified Scion Project”.

Voici le résumé en anglais de sa présentation :

For about twenty years now, the advanced treatment of information, or artificial intelligence if we prefer, has been dominated by quantitative approaches such as statistical methods, Bayesian nets, or neural nets, in contrast with the previous period, which was logically oriented. The point is certainly not to dispute the interest and merits of quantitative methods, which have their roots in a very long history. The purpose of the talk is rather to show that there exists a complementary panoply of qualitative tools, which have appeared much more recently, and which may be useful in the long range for a variety of tasks. The main benefits of qualitative modeling are to remain close to the way humans handle information, by being close to logic, and thus to be more explanation-­‐oriented. The talk will focus on a large part of the research area to which the lecturer has been contributing for about forty years now, namely possibility theory and its numerous developments, briefly summarized below. The talk will not deal with technical details, but will rather try to convey ideas, and to be accessible for any researcher working on the handling of information.

Pour toutes personnes extérieures au laboratoire, merci de vous inscrire auprès de Olivia Brenner.

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