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PhD Defense – Zeinab Bakhtiarinoodeh

décembre 5, 2017 @ 10:00

Zeinab Bakhtiarinoodeh, PhD student will defend her thesis on the 5th of December at 10h00 in room B013 at LORIA. The title is : “Dynamics of incomplete and inconsistent information-Applications of logic, algebra, and coalgebra”.

In this Ph.D. dissertation, we investigate reasoning about information change in the presence of incomplete or inconsistent information, and the characterization of notions of bisimulation on models encoding such reasoning patterns. Modal logics for incomplete and inconsistent information are typically weaker than the standard modal logics, such as the modal logic of contingency. We use logical, algebraic and co-algebraic methods to achieve our aims. The dissertation consists of two main parts. The first part focusses on reasoning about information change, and the second part focusses on expressivity and bisimulation.



Date :
décembre 5, 2017
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