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D3 and SSL Seminar

avril 25, 2017 @ 10:00

Next D3 and SSL Seminar will take place on Tuesday, April 25th at 10 am in the Amphitheater.

N.Asokan will give a presentation entitled “Securing cloud-assisted services”


Abstract: All kinds of previously local services are being moved to a cloud setting. While this is justified by the scalability and efficiency benefits of cloud-based services, it also raises new security and privacy challenges. Solving them by naive application of standard security/privacy techniques can conflict with other functional requirements. In this talk, I will outline some cloud-assisted services and the apparent conflicts that arise while trying to secure these services. Taking the case of cloud-assisted malware scanning as an example scenario, I will discuss the privacy concerns that arise and how we can address them effectively.

Bio: N. Asokan is a professor at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Prior to joining academia, he spent over 15 years in industrial research with Nokia and IBM. His research interests center on understanding how to build systems that are simultaneously secure, easy to use and inexpensive to deploy. Asokan directs the Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security ( and is the lead academic PI for Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing in Finland ( He is an  IEEE Fellow and an ACM Distinguished Scientist. He received education at the University of Waterloo, Syracuse University and IIT Kharagpur. More information on Asokan’s work is available at his website


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avril 25, 2017
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