Welcome to Fabien Pierre

Fabien Pierre is a lecturer in computing at the IUT of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, where he teaches web development. Originally from Aquitaine, he joined the Magrit research team last September.

Welcome to Yannick Parmentier !

Yannick was recruited in September 2017 as a lecturer at the University of Lorraine, teaches at the ESPE and has joined the Synalp (D4) du Loria. research team (D4) of the Loria.

Colloquium Loria : next talk with Gregoire Allaire

Loria’s colloquium will be held on Tuesday 23rd of January  at 1.30 pm in the amphitheater.

The first Franco-Moroccan International Associated Laboratories (LIA) in the field of Big Data

The convention for the creation of the first International Associated Laboratory (LIA[1]) in the field of big data was signed on November 2nd in Rabat under the presidency of

Welcome to Chloé BRAUD

Recently recruited as a researcher at the CNRS, Chloé Braud joined the Loria’s Synalp team on 1st October 2017. Focus on this research scientist


Colloquium Loria 2018

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