Cryptography sets the tone… A story of string instrument making in the 19th century

Pierrick Gaudry, CNRS researcher in the Caramba team has broken the codes in the accounting registers of major Parisian instrument makers from the 19th century. This deciphering reveals the value of string instruments and provides more knowledge of the history of the instrument-making business.

Workshop on Shape Synthesis for Modeling and Fabrication

Within the context of two PhD defenses related to ERC ShapeForge project, the ALICE team organizes a Workshop on Shape Synthesis for Modeling and Fabrication, on Thursday, February 2nd from 10.15 am to 5pm in Loria’s amphitheater.

The official signature of the JAIST-Loria collaborative project

The collaborative project between the Loria (University of Lorraine, Inria and CNRS) and the JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) based in Kanazawa (Japan) was made official on Thursday November 3rd at 6 p.m. at

Cryptanalysis: “trapdoored” prime numbers?

A team of researchers, Joshua Fried and Nancy Nadia Heninger (University of Pennsylvania), Pierrick Gaudry (CNRS/University of Lorraine) and Emmanuel Thomé (CARAMBA team, Inria/University of Lorraine), has recently demonstrated that certain standards used in cryptography in order to secure exchanges and communication use prime numbers whose origin is unverifiable: at least 37% in HTTPS (of the million most visited Internet websites), and at least 13% on IPsec VPNs. This represents a real risk of spying on both individuals and economic interests.

OrphaMine: a tool to learn more about rare diseases

Like Dr. House in the series of the same name, doctors sometimes come up against enigmas when faced with certain pathologies. The aim of the OrphaMine platform developed as part of the ANR Hybride project is to increase specialists’ understanding of rare diseases. The platform has been tested in-house and will soon be offered to a broader panel made up of doctors, researchers and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.


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