Colloquium Loria : next talk with Marc Sciamanna

5 June 2018

Marc Sciamanna, Associate Professor at CentraleSupélec Metz is the guest of the upcoming Loria’s Colloquium.

Appointment on Tuesday, June 19 at 1:30 pm in the amphitheater to listen to his presentation entitled “Photonics or the intelligence of matter”

The talk will be in French.

Abstract :

The word “photonic” was introduced after the discovery of the photon to designate science and technologies that use light. Key technology in our daily lives, photonics has led to the development of alternative sources of electrical energy, imaging and medical diagnostics, space exploration, telecommunications and multimedia, etc.
Light is also fascinating in its interaction with matter. This interaction makes it possible to modify the optical properties of the material and to observe complex forms of light propagation such as patterns (self-organized structures of light), soliton-type localized structures, vortices, accelerating beams of light, etc. . Many systems that generate and manipulate light are also highly non-linear systems that present for many complex dynamics, even chaotic. These properties that highlight a form of complexity of light are considered by many to be essential for developing a new form of intelligence, not artificial or software, but material. This intelligence makes it possible to secure information, to carry out complex calculations and to understand and simulate many phenomena present in Nature.

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