Annual meeting of the LCT Erasmus Mundus Consortium at Loria

7 June 2018

Loria will host on the 28 & 29 of June, the annual meeting of the  Erasmus Mundus LCT Consortium, of which the UFR Mathematics and Computer Science

at the University of Lorraine (now called Institute of Digital, Management and Cognition – IDMC) is a partner.
This meeting will gather the seven european partner universities and the students who currently follow the master’s program.
A graduation ceremony will be organised for the occasion with the participation of the President of the University of Lorraine
and the Director of LORIA.
Erasmus Mundus is a prestigious program aimed at improving the quality of European higher education and strengthening intercultural understanding.
While promoting the European Union as an area of ​​academic excellence worldwide, it contributes to the sustainable development of higher education in third countries and offers better career oportunities to master students.
The LCT Masters program has been successfully implemented since 2006, being funding by the Erasmus Mundus Programme.
It welcomes students from all over the world and thus it provides study program taught in English in each of the partner universities.
It is a two year program and each student studies one year each at two different European consortium partner universities.
As an optional part of their study plan, students may spend a research/study period at one of the non-European partner universities.
The students then receive a double master’s degree from the two universities they enrolled.

The universities of the LCT Consortium (Language and Communication Technologies) are:
Germany: Saarland University (coordinator)
France: University of Lorraine
Italy: University of Trento
Malta: University of Malta
Dem. Czech: Charles University, Prague
The Netherlands: University of Groningen,
Spain: The University of the Basque Country,
Australia: University of Melbourne
China: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

You will find the 2018 Annual meeting program at :

For further information on the LCT Consortium, please visit: